urbanmaven planted this balcony garden.....the client loved rosy tones and blues. It turned out to be her little oasis for morning coffee or a glass of wine at the end of the day. Resident cat loved the addition of plants and foliage and would sit happily sunbathing and watch the plants sway in the breeze.


Anonymous said...

I wanted my balcony to be an oasis I could escape to after a long day at the office. That is where Urban Maven worked her magic by creating a relaxing and colourful extension to my living space, that I can enjoy all summer long with friends or just a good book.

urbanmaven said...

The above comment was left by my sister. She asked me to purchase some large clay pots and fill them with as much colour as possible. She has 2 cats that lounge in and around the pots all day long, it's their little jungle world or so we like to think.